Saturday, June 11, 2016

Did You Suffer Roof Damage Last Week?

We have gotten quite a few calls in the past week from roofing customers that have suffered high wind damage with the storms that rolled through the Central New York area.  I got to thinking this morning about all the other areas in the country that have had inclement weather (we’ve been lucky thus far!) and found a few pieces of information that I think can apply to all of us around the Utica/New Hartford region.

Here is the first link

and the second

New campaign fights roofing scams in Colorado

Why is this information important for Utica NY?

What most people don’t realize is that there are “storm chasers” in the roofing industry.  These are fly-by-night scam artists that follow roofing damage and try to secure fast and easy repair jobs by going door to door or posting on craigslist.  Sometimes they will offer extremely low rates to unsuspecting customers in an effort to get a down payment on a job.  The problem lies in the fact that they are traveling salesman.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Should you have any problems with the completed job (if it even gets completed) you have no one to follow up with after the fact.  Do yourself a favor and hire a reputable roofing company in the area that you can follow up with that offers fully insured work.  If someone is knocking on your door to sell you roofing services then you can be sure they are looking for a quick payday only to disappear forever and leave local reliable companies to clean up the mess.


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