Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tips For Choosing A Contractor

Ten Tips To Consider When Choosing A Contractor


It finally looks like the weather is about to break in Utica NY and with that, remodeling begins.  How do you even begin to find a contractor? Word of mouth? Online reviews? It can be confusing to find a trustworthy roof repair contractor that will do quality work in a timely fashion.  Here are a few tips from http://ift.tt/1Se3KMi

Roofing Contractors For You Tips On Hiring

One of the most important aspects to finding the right contractor for you job is always insurance.  Do not trust companies that are not fully insured to perform the work that your project entails.

Online reviews can also be a good source of information, while it is easy for companies to add in positive reviews it is even harder to make the bad ones disappear.

Do your research for any bad experiences or poor reviews as these can give you a glimpse into two important things:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. How the company will deal with you as a potential customer in the event that things don’t work out

Is there any mention of the company packing up shop and no-call no-answer as a customer service strategy? This could be a warning sign and an indicator that you should either do more due diligence or move on.

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